"her relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in every song on this true masterpiece"



"The vocals of Ellis will match the expectation of those who feast on bouts of near perfection and prefer a natural tinge that has no need to hide any degree of imperfection

... In the summer of 2020, there is every chance that LOVE LIFE can be that go-to spin providing an element of familiar comfort when solace in music is sought"



 "Strangely enough, Tawny Ellis has somehow managed to elude widespread attention, a mystery made all the more confounding given her emotive vocals and solid sense of song craft. Her latest album, "Love Life," affirms the fact that Ellis is decidedly deserving of an attentive audience, given that its ten songs connect in a very personal and poignant way" 



"Pick any cut on Love Life and the sound will just wash over you in waves. Ellis has turned a musical project into an immersive experience, so pick up your headphones and enjoy" 


"This is not your typical guitar-laden, acoustic strummed singer-songwriter outing as Ellis, sometimes called “the girl with the weird instruments” plays Omnichord on two songs (“Love Life” and “Moonshine”), lap steel on “No More,” and just sings on the rest, her voice being the major instrument (and not a weird one). The Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument introduced in 1981 by the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation. It typically features a touch plate, and buttons for major, minor, and 7th chords. And, it was lent to her by yet another famous friend, Daniel Lanois. Ellis found it to be a wonderful tool for writing and experimenting, subsequently writing most of the record on it. The instruments played by the other musicians are the usual ones, but keyboards and background vocals also weigh heavily into a layered mix that comes across as a ‘big sound” on several tunes"



 "On the lead song and titular track, Ellis performs a clever word trick – she is not singing about her amorous adventures or experiences as the title suggests, she is making a compassionate declarative statement to all of us – love life, as in having an affection for it brothers and sisters because its the only thing that can overcome the darkness that is constantly swirling around us and within us. 

In the refrain, Ellis sings with her extraordinary voice full of resonance and soul “Love Life / You’ve got to find a silver lining / No escape from myself there’s no running / Behind the pain there is a light worth finding“  reminding herself and us that the love we feel for our existence here on this earth has to be clear-eyed and proactive lest we surrender to the endless and cruel cycle of pain that constantly threatens us"



Citizen LA

'Tawny has chosen to delve into themes that extend far beyond one-dimensional love songs, revealing a true desire to learn, offering tribute to the universe and our place in and of it"


"Ellis creates a unique brand of Americana that makes an immediate impression and only gets better with repeated listens"


"Tawny Ellis is a communicator whose expertly rendered recordings give her a realm of optimum clarity and depth to plumb the depths of human relationships"

Wono Magazine 

 "Love Life is so much more interesting. Listen to 'Pretend Love' and be convinced. It took me two listening session to be convinced that Love Life is an album of extreme worth and warmth. From there there was no looking back. Tawny Ellis has a brand new fan

Darrens Blog Spot

"Alongside her lush vocals and lyrical storytelling Ellis says she is known as ‘the girl with the weird instruments’ and her steel guitar an omnichord playing can be heard on the album, her talent for the latter developing when she borrowed an instrument that had originally belonged to Brian Eno, at the suggestion of her producer/musician friend Daniel Lanois"


JPS Music Blog 

"Tawny starts off her new album with the addictive pop melody of the title song "Love Life," which reintroduces you to her soulful vocal style. She slows down for the country backdrop of "Moonshine" and the emotional ballad "Pretend Love," as her singing simply shine among the stark backdrop of music. You can feel the passion in Tawny's vocals during the gentle touch of "Spark Of Love," before picking the energy back up with the guitar-driven, country rocker "I Believe